You’re invited to contact, free of charge, to discuss your situation and inquire if Wijsman Advocatuur can assist you. Legal issues that are handled frequently for companies and employees include: dismissal, conflicts, non-competition clause, debt collection, shareholder(disputes), contracts, works council.

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Legal insurance

The Court of Justice of the European Union has ruled that an insurance for legal assistance grants the right to freely choose a lawyer in case of proceedings. Whether a lawyer is required is not relevant. The legal fees will be paid by the insurer to a certain extent. The contract of insurance usually mentions a maximum of costs that are covered.

Fixed Fee

Some cases are suitable for a ‘fixed fee’. You are charged a fixed amount to cover the handling of the entire case. A fixed fee gives you assurance of the total legal costs. Not every dispute is suitable for a fixed fee though. When it’s difficult to oversee how much work has to be done the case cannot be handled for a fixed fee.